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WWE Vs. Denver Nuggets

So apparently when the season was still going, the Nuggets management wasn’t buying. They’ve leased out the stadium to the WWE on the same night as Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Whoops! This sets up an interesting night of match-ups if all goes according to plan.

Stan Van Gundy Calls Out Arby’s For Failing To Live Up To Expectations

Sitting alone in a fetal position late Tuesday night, reporters gathered around weathered Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy in the locker room after a devastating 92-88 Game 5 loss to the Celtics. After a series of what most would deem “poor choices,” Van Gundy opted to gorge himself on several of Arby’s new Roastburger […]

Pacers Too Shitty For Indianapolis

A recent report by the AP revealed that the Indiana Pacers might need to move out of Indianapolis due to financial concerns. So this leaves Indianapolis with…absolutely nothing. Wait! No, I forgot. Um, but what about the… Damnit. There’s nothing worthwhile about Indiana, or Indianapolis.