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Gems From the Web: 4/28

HEY JORDAN, HIT THIS CURVEBALL! – In our opinion, #1 pick Matthew Stafford resembles more of a bully fifth-grader than anyone else. [HHR] – David Ortiz Vs. Swine Flu – both really annoying as a result of over-hyped media coverage. [Bugs & Cranks] – 12 Unintentionally Sports Headlines. Personally, we thought the “Wood: I Feel […]

Gems From the Web: 4/22

SAD NEWS – Mutombo and the finger wag are totally dunzo. [SI] – 46 year-old “Refrigerator” Perry is in the hospital. In all honesty, we thought he would live forever. [Yahoo! Sports] LESS SAD NEWS – Ron Santo’s throat was not harmed in last night’s feline escapade at Wrigley. In other news, SOMEONE BETTER CLEAN […]

Gems from the Web: 3/24

– Rod is clearly taking this bracket down. And why isn’t Jose Canseco in this? [Holy Taco] – If the pros won’t accept Andruw Jones, will the pros of the professional eating circuit? Joey Chestnut would make a great tag-team partner for the clam bake competition. [Bugs & Cranks] – NCAA College Basketball coaches = […]