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WWE Vs. Denver Nuggets


So apparently when the season was still going, the Nuggets management wasn’t buying. They’ve leased out the stadium to the WWE on the same night as Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Whoops!

This sets up an interesting night of match-ups if all goes according to plan.

Chauncey Billups Vs. Ultimate Warrior

This one will be a major head game. Two cerebral competitors in the same ring. You know it’s going to start off on the mat with some of those gay superplex moves, but we’re hoping it’s going to progress into the crowd. If that’s the case, Chauncey will take advantage of those stairs and slam the Warrior into them. Warrior’s facepaint begins melting off, he gets pumped up. He headbutts Chauncey in the head until Billups’ head explodes.

Win: Warrior.

Andrew Bynum Vs. Ahmed Johnson

Two huge overrated dudes. This will be a slugfest. We’re thinking it will just be an arm bar on Andrew Bynum for about 30 minutes, then both competitors pass out. Crowd boos.

Win: Hype.

Kobe Bryant Vs. Carmelo Anthony Vs. De-Generation X (Steel Cage Match)

This will be a fest. A lot of people who need a lot of attention, in one cage. WILL THE EGOS BE CONTAINED?!? X-Pac will get alley-ooped into the turnbuckle by Bryant, on a result of bad defense by Carmelo and BA Billy Gunn. Shawn Michaels and HHH start ragging on Carmelo’s MTV VJ girlfriend in the crowd, which insenses ‘Melo. He loses his shit on the two and gets double T’ed. Now, all you have left is Road Dogg Jesse James and Kobe. One-on-one. For some reason, I’m liking the Road Dogg on this, what can I say? Kobe will choke on a chokeslam.

Win: Road Dogg Jesse James, in an upset.

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