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Toronto Blue Jays Hate Pitchers!


If Nolan Ryan had his way, everyone would be pitching CG’s every go-round, there would be no inning caps, and if a man saw a woman crossing the street TARNATIONS he would escort her.

The jury is still out for fans on whether pitchers should get babied.

When you’re putting a worthwhile investment into a pitcher, as the Nats are about to do with Strasburg, you want to ensure you’re getting the full return over a decent-sized career.  Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens are some of the few pitchers in the past 20-odd years to be placed in the all-time inning pitched list. In contrast, Cy Young almost equaled the sum of Maddux and Clemens. Today’s game is much different from Cobb’s game, but pitches are still being thrown with the same human arms as they always were.

However, nothing excuses rushing back a pitcher too soon from injury for budgetary purposes alone. See: Toronto Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays have a record of mistreating pitchers, and this great article by the guys over at Full Pitch Count points out some disturbing trends. And it looks to continue amongst the likes of  like Dustin McGowan, Jesse Litsch, and Shawn Marcum. Recently, there were talks of bringing back Marcum to the majors from recent Tommy John surgery.

Even more disturbing, no one really gives a fuck because they are in first place AND the team plays in Canada.

If Bud Selig actually did his job, someone would take a hard look on what’s going on north of the border with Ricciardi and his crew of slavedrivers.

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One comment for “Toronto Blue Jays Hate Pitchers!”

  1. With Halladay, Downs, and Janssen going on the DL today (Downs might be tomorrow), the Blue Jays need to seriously re-evaluate their misuse/abuse of pitchers along with their strength and conditioning program. Ricciardi appears to care nothing about these young men, their careers, or their physical health. Pitchers should beware of signing with Toronto given the enormity of injuries to their pitching staff!

    Posted by AW | June 17, 2009, 11:48 pm

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