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Anonymous Source Reports Selena Roberts Is A “Fucking Bitch”

An anonymous source has come forward stating that Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts is a “fucking bitch” and “has always been a fucking bitch.”

A-Rod: “Fuck It”

In the wake of the recent revelation about Alex Rodriguez’s hooker girlfriend, the Yankees third baseman has released a statement saying, “Fuck it.”

A-Rod: Mod With a Bod

Hey guess what, Alex? I can see your cyst/torn labrum in these stylin’ shots! Fashion faux pas!

A-Rod Disappointed in Lack of “A-Rod Loves Pink Bats” Jokes

TAMPA, FL – Three-time AL MVP Alex Rodriguez expressed disappointment today that his quad strain prevented him from playing Sunday and using the special Mother’s Day bats, as he feels that would have led to multiple humorous observations from the sports world. “Yeah, the possibilities are really endless,” the Yankees third baseman said while taking […]

Gems From the Web: 3/26

“Kershaw Rules“? In other news, Joe Torre creates “Nomar Rules,” one of which includes Nomar tearing his groin every play. The new Yankee Stadium has a steakhouse? And no stripclubs for A-Rod? Disappointing. It appears the Orioles might trade B-Rob for a hoagie. I guess it couldn’t get much worse for this Cubs fan, unless […]

Gems From the Web: 3/25

A-Rod claims he went to Texas for the money and regrets it. In other news, Barry Zito is still rich. Jose Canseco claims A-Rod went to Texas to bang his wife. Well, maybe not. Nowhere in the passage is Texas mentioned. Paul Lo Duca – gambling addict. It’s a habit he picked up when he […]