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Three Outfielders

Ah, late 2006. I remember it well. Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death. Ben Stiller was electrifying moviegoers everywhere with Night At The Museum. And three California teams each signed a new center fielder.

Left-Handed Batter Somehow Gets Hit Off Left-Handed Reliever

ANAHEIM, CA – The baseball world was rocked Thursday night when left-handed hitter Garret Anderson singled off left-handed A’s reliever Dallas Braden. “In all my years in the game, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said a visibly distraught A’s manager Bob Geren. “My world is shattered. I know Braden’s not a lefty specialist, but […]

Indians Ground CL Borowski For One Whole Week

ANAHEIM, CA – After another monumental meltdown in Angels Stadium, Indians Manager Eric Wedge has laid down the law on his inconsistent closer Joe Borowski. According to the manager, “all electronics (incl. Game Boy) will be removed from his locker, as well as any candy, his car keys, and he’s being grounded in clubhouses as […]