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Left-Handed Batter Somehow Gets Hit Off Left-Handed Reliever

ANAHEIM, CA – The baseball world was rocked Thursday night when left-handed hitter Garret Anderson singled off left-handed A’s reliever Dallas Braden. “In all my years in the game, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said a visibly distraught A’s manager Bob Geren. “My world is shattered. I know Braden’s not a lefty specialist, but […]

A’s Owner Interview Part II: Bud and Lew, Frat Bros

Picture: In Oakland, not even the players show up anymore Lew Wolff doesn’t mind giving some insight into what the Oakland A’s team of the future will be like. Yesterday, in part one, we addressed some of the potential impacts of moving a mini-stadium (32,000 seats) twenty miles down the road to Fremont. Analyzing some […]

A’s Owner Interview: Bye Bye $1 Hot Dogs

Lew Wolff and Cisco plan to enforce a strict ‘2D’ policy at Cisco Field Speaking of the Oakland A’s, their owner, Lew Wolff, gave an interview in the WSJ about ownership and particularly their new stadium. Part 1: The Stadium I was apparently wrong in assuming they were making a bigger stadium. In fact, the […]

Japan, You Floozy!

Listen Japan. I was marking off the days until Opening Day 2008 since, say, the end of Game 4 of the World Series 2007. And then the NFL season ended and I had no real reason to live for the months of February and March (like every year). Then, the story broke about the Red […]

Liveblogging – Opening Day 2008

Baseball and ChatterBalks fans alike, your day has come. Praise the baseball lords, demi-gods, and Milton Bradley for not killing you yet. You’ve waited through months and months of WNBA action, and other sports that we will classify in that generalized “not-as-good-as-baseball” category. Sorry, jai alai. For your viewing pleasure, we present to you a […]

Gems From the Web: 3/20

Listen, if you don’t want convicts on your team, the Nationals would be more than happy to trade. Stab! Wait, Kerry Wood is injured again?!? Wait, what?!? In other news, Tampa Bay renamed a street near their stadium to “We Have Never Had Any Notable Player In This Franchise Rd.” Apparently, Steve Trachsel may be […]