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Youkilis Love Letter Leaked!

A few days ago, Boston magazine profiled the romance between Red Sox owner John Henry and his fiancee 30 years his junior Linda Pizzuti. We here at ChatterBalks love courtships, especially when certain teams lovingly stalk a free agent. Terrell Owens and the Bills this offseason? Adorable. Teixeira and the Yankees? A match made in […]

The Bandwagon Came Early This Year: Chicago Deep Dish Style

Remember what it was like in the winter of 2004 and the Spring on 2005 when you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a god damn Red Sox hat or shirt? Remember when you went up and asked them to name 5 players on the 2004 Sox team not named Ortiz, Ramirez, Martinez, Damon or Schilling and they couldn’t even name one?

Well, the bandwagon’s back baby and this time the train came early courtesy of the North side of Chicago.

Japan, You Floozy!

Listen Japan. I was marking off the days until Opening Day 2008 since, say, the end of Game 4 of the World Series 2007. And then the NFL season ended and I had no real reason to live for the months of February and March (like every year). Then, the story broke about the Red […]