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Getting To Know You: Rickie Weeks

Too often, we see baseball players as essentially different from the rest of us. In order to combat that trend, we at ChatterBalks have started Getting To Know You, in which we conduct informal interviews in order to humanize them. This time: Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks!

SP Jeff “White Trash” Weaver Lands With Brewers

The Scott Boras Charitable Foundation has found another sponsor: the Milwaukee Brewers. Already having more than enough starting pitchers on their team, the Brewers have signed Jeff “White Trash” Weaver to an incentive-filled minor league deal. According to super-Brew blogger Tom Haudricourt, “White Trash” will start his illustrious Brewers career in AAA, until he regains […]

Gems From the Web: 3/30

The Brewers are in the midst of locking up two younger players. Also, they recently broke up with Bernie Brewer. Mr. Marlin signs one-day contract, retires, and is let out to sea. That is, until one day, when he is captured by an awful expansion team from Puerto Rico. Ichiro has eaten the same lunch […]