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They Shoot Horses With Steroids, Don’t They?

Hot and dead news out of the equestrian world! $2MM in horse bodies were found in Florida. Do you know how much that is? Like, three times more than the Marlins payroll! (Ok, we lied, but Ross Gload must be pissed that he is almost the value-equivalent of 21 polo horses). Why is it that […]

UNC Star Tyler Hansbrough Eyes Local Babysitter Gig

Hello families of greater Randoph county, North Carolina! Need some extra time with your spouse? Never guess who might show up to your door the next time you call on a babysitter from Craigslist… Wait, is that champion UNC star Tyler Hansbrough at your door? Why yes – yes it is! “I’m done with college. […]

Fantasy Baseball Island – Week of March 24th

Well, the fantasy baseball season is about to begin, and you have surely had your draft that wasted several hours of your life you will never get back. But hey, you DID score Yovani Gallardo in the third round, so there’s still something to live for. Every week we will be recapping important topics of […]