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Dodgers Go For 12-0 at Home

Excited about the possiblity of the Dodgers tying the major league record by going 12-0 at home, I decided to rub it in the face of fellow ChatterBalks writer Doug since he’s a bitter Giants fan. I think he got the last laugh: Me: Did you see the Dodger dominate last night? Doug: Well, I […]

Hindsight is 20/20 My Friend: Brad Evans Needs to Shut His McRib Hole

I think it’s time for an old fashioned Intervention for our old friend Brad Evans at Yahoo! Sports. In his recent post in the Yahoo! Sports Blog Roto-Arcade, Brad goes the extra mile at qualifying that journalism degree by making the analogy that Dodgers prospect James McDonald is a McRib sandwich from the restaurant McDonald’s.

Getting To Know You: Andre Ethier

Too often, we see baseball players as essentially different from the rest of us. In order to combat that trend, we at ChatterBalks have started Getting To Know You, in which we conduct informal interviews in order to humanize them. This time: Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier!

Manny Too Injured for Baseball, Not for Cricket

Sidelined by a tight hamstring, Manny Ramirez took to the Cricket field for a few swings. For all those Dodgers fans who are probably screaming at their computer screens “What in God’s green motherfucking Earth are you doing? YOU’RE OUR WHOLE SEASON! If you get seriously injured, we’re completely boned! OH GOD NO. THIS IS […]

Three Outfielders

Ah, late 2006. I remember it well. Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death. Ben Stiller was electrifying moviegoers everywhere with Night At The Museum. And three California teams each signed a new center fielder.

Manny-Watch: Day 120

The Washington Post has reported that Scott Boras, I mean, Manny Ramirez has just rejected the LA Dodgers’ fourth contract offer for 2-year, $45 Million. Boras rejected the contract because of the $25 Million deferred until after the 2-years contract is over and demanded further offers to be barred of deferred payments. Many are expecting a brand new contract to be drafted before the end of day (without the deferred $25 Million of course).