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Matt Holliday Awes No One; Hits First Homerun of Season

Thanks Matt Holliday, for finally hitting a god damn homerun. And it only took you 17 games (he missed two games) to do it. Granted you only hit 4 HR’s in the month of April last year, the consensus is, you still blow.

Getting To Know You: Jermaine Dye

Too often, we see baseball players as essentially different from the rest of us. In order to combat that trend, we at ChatterBalks have started Getting To Know You, in which we conduct informal interviews in order to humanize them. This time: Chicago White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye!

Manny Too Injured for Baseball, Not for Cricket

Sidelined by a tight hamstring, Manny Ramirez took to the Cricket field for a few swings. For all those Dodgers fans who are probably screaming at their computer screens “What in God’s green motherfucking Earth are you doing? YOU’RE OUR WHOLE SEASON! If you get seriously injured, we’re completely boned! OH GOD NO. THIS IS […]

Fantasy Island: Thank You Orlando

This is for all the unfortunate souls who drafted Matt Holliday in the first round last season in a keeper league (including yours truly) and have subsequently chalked this season up to a “rebuilding year.” You can now breath a sigh of relief as you don’t have to only rely on Jason “Remember When I […]

Fantasy Baseball Island: Week of 5/27

About every month or so, when the team at Chatterbalks is thoroughly frustrated with the fantasy team (Yovani Gallardo? I will see you in hell, my friend), we use the Fantasy Baseball Island as a refuge of sorts. We cover the need-to-know information about fantasy baseball, which really means, we bullshit around just like 95% […]

Fantasy Baseball Island – Week of April 13th

The baseball season is underway and we here at ChatterBalks are well aware that you gambled your child’s college fund on your fantasy league, you sick bastards. But that’s all in the past, so let’s focus on erasing your crippling gambling debt and putting you on the path to crippling credit card debt. This week, […]