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Other Historic Yankee Stadium Events

Chatterbalks has obtained exclusive access to the Yankee Stadium notes prepared for Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, and we are proud to present them to you.

Drunk Marlins Fan Helps Phillies Front Office Realize Shane Victorino is “Garbage”

MIAMI, FL – In what is sure to go down as the sharpest decline in player productivity since Cory Lidle, Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino has been identified as “garbage.” Victorino, who is currently hitting .270/.341/.375 on the season is now expected to suffer a major decline in all aspects of the game. The […]

Amish Family Courting Rockies Closer Brian Fuentes

As the trading deadline for baseball looms in the distance, Rockies closer Brian Fuentes has become quite the hot commodity amongst major league teams. The Devil Rays, A’s, and Yankees have all inquired with the Rockies about obtaining the closer; however, the real dark horse candidate is lurking on the outskirts of Canton, Ohio, in a tiny Amish village.

Without the Double-Switch, Life Is A Hollow Meaningless Void

By Bruce Bochy Now I like to think I’m a pretty upbeat guy most of the time. Even though my team isn’t very good, I have faith in my guys. I know that one day, these young guys are going to be really good baseball players and they’ll have some growing pains. But I have […]

Baseball GMs Report Managers Really Suck This Week

TORONTO – John Gibbons was the latest manager to be fired this week, following the dismissals of Willie Randolph and John McLaren. These dismissals are making waves all over baseball, as GMs everywhere wonder why these managers suddenly suck so bad that they have to be fired. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense,” said […]

Bavasi’s Escape

Today, the Seattle Mariners fired their GM, Bill Bavasi. As previously reported on this site, Bavasi’s job wasn’t the only thing in danger. The following is our interpretation of Bavasi’s final day in conveienient movie script form. INT SAFECO FIELD. In a pitch-black seemingly endless hallway with only the tiniest amount of light trickling in […]