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Barry Zito Has a Twitter That Cost $126 MM

It’s official – Barry Zito is officially the coolest baseball player in the world. Why? Reasons: A) He has a Twitter – he clearly has embraced the technological revolution in less than 140 words.

Three Outfielders

Ah, late 2006. I remember it well. Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death. Ben Stiller was electrifying moviegoers everywhere with Night At The Museum. And three California teams each signed a new center fielder.

Without the Double-Switch, Life Is A Hollow Meaningless Void

By Bruce Bochy Now I like to think I’m a pretty upbeat guy most of the time. Even though my team isn’t very good, I have faith in my guys. I know that one day, these young guys are going to be really good baseball players and they’ll have some growing pains. But I have […]

Giants Post Zito on Craigslist

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – An unfortunate end came to a young Giants career early Tuesday morning, when Giants management posted struggling SP Barry Zito on Craigslist. The downward spiral finally came to its demise, which began with Zito moving to the back-end of the rotation at the beginning of the season, then into the Giants […]

Giants GM Sabean Trades Lincecum Shirt For Shitty Third Baseman

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – According to several news sources, the SF Giants have tentatively agreed to trade rookie stud SP Tim Lincecum’s shirt for an “unknown and awful third baseman.” Since Pedro Feliz died and went to “Baseball Heaven (Philadephia),” the Giants have been searching for someone to fill the position, and Sabean thinks the […]