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Unsurprising Opening Day Performances

                        The fictional version of Kerry Wood except Wood never threw that fast or learned how to be accurate Kerry Wood (1.0 Innings Pitched, 1 K, 1 BB, 3 ER) – I got a good hearty laugh when he was drafted in my fantasy leagues and the drafter responded with “You’ll be eating your words […]

Fantasy Baseball Island – Week of March 24th

Well, the fantasy baseball season is about to begin, and you have surely had your draft that wasted several hours of your life you will never get back. But hey, you DID score Yovani Gallardo in the third round, so there’s still something to live for. Every week we will be recapping important topics of […]

Gems From the Web: 3/20

Listen, if you don’t want convicts on your team, the Nationals would be more than happy to trade. Stab! Wait, Kerry Wood is injured again?!? Wait, what?!? In other news, Tampa Bay renamed a street near their stadium to “We Have Never Had Any Notable Player In This Franchise Rd.” Apparently, Steve Trachsel may be […]