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Five Tips For Players On Bad Teams

This site isn’t just here for the baseball fan. It’s also here for the baseball player. Let’s say your team’s been slumping and you need that extra spark to get going. Unfortunately, in this hypothetical situation the reason your team has been slumping is that you don’t have enough talented players to win baseball games […]

Bavasi’s Escape

Today, the Seattle Mariners fired their GM, Bill Bavasi. As previously reported on this site, Bavasi’s job wasn’t the only thing in danger. The following is our interpretation of Bavasi’s final day in conveienient movie script form. INT SAFECO FIELD. In a pitch-black seemingly endless hallway with only the tiniest amount of light trickling in […]

Mariners Put GM Bavasi’s Life ‘On The Line,’ in Addition to Employment

SEATTLE, WA – According to some higher-ups in the Mariners organization, Bill Bavasi’s lifeline is “in risk of being terminated.” It’s become publicly known that after a series of bad managerial decisions, GM Bavasi’s professional career is at stake. However, according to a clan of Mariners druids who initially broke the story to Chatterbalks, there […]