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We Are Prophets and/or Sorcerers; Mets Suck, Have Swine Flu

We at Chatterbalks usually don’t like to rub it in people’s faces when we’re right, but EAT IT SUCKERS! Friend us on Twitter if you would like to hear some more 100% guaranteed true prophesy from THE BASEBALL GODS!

Gems from the Web: 4/9

– Breaking news: the MLB Network has breaking news! Wait, just hold on, we’re getting more breaking news! [Bugs & Cranks] – Unlike his new seat in jail, Bernie Madoff’s Mets season tickets are not accompanied with sodomy. [Deadspin] – Hey Terry Pendleton, maybe Sid Bream can get you a job roofing his house! [Sabernomics] […]

New Mets Stadium Sponsored By Failure

Due to the economic woes of Citigroup, the Mets’ new stadium was almost left without a sponsor. Until Failure stepped in.

Yankees Determined To Out-Trainwreck Mets

The New York Yankees don’t like coming in second in anything.

Even in coming in second.

The 2008 New York Mets: A Film By Paul Haggis

Recently ChatterBalks got a hold of this script by Paul Haggis about this year’s New York Mets. We were so excited to read it that we felt we needed to share it with the world. Ramon Castro: It’s the sense of touch. On any real team, you just score, you know? You run into home, […]

Gems From the Web: 4/8

Legendary errorman Bill Buckner presents Red Sox with World Series ‘bling;” Stewart Scott’s verbiage now invading ESPN articles. [ESPN] Legendary Carl Everett stories of yore. Apparently, he hates the media. Does that mean he hates ChatterBalks? (begins sprinting) [Deadspin] Blue Jays trade two strippers and a handjob for A.J. Burnett. [Sports By Brooks] Mets determine […]