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Gems From the Web: 4/21

–  These tennis players are definitely friends with Pete Sampras. [Holy Taco] –  The all-star lineup has been announced in the Baseball Moustache league. Really sad to not see Sal Fasano in there. [Pop Crunch] –  Scottie Pippen’s first interview since he and his nose went into seclusion from society. [Afro Jacks] –  Stop bitching, […]

Gems From the Web: 4/15

Manny Ramirez pairs his fashionable ‘do with a moustache to boot! [Red Sox Monster] More moustache news: this time it’s Eric Byrnes. The longer the hit streak, the longer the moustache. [Yahoo! Sports] Randy Johnson mullet = career year. [Sports Yenta] If Mike Piazza goes to the Yankees, can Eric Karros come too? Pretty please? […]

Jim Leyland’s Smokehouse: “Eric Karros, Grow Out A Goddamn Moustache Already”

Hello folks. The name is Leyland, Jim Leyland. And I’m here to tell ya’ll about somethin’ that’s choppin’ mah balls. There’s not too many varmints in this world who have the gumption to literally and figuratively go spittin’ in mah bazoo. But this Eric Karros, he is one flannel-mouthed horse’s ass. Well Karros, lemme tell […]