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Manny-Watch: Day 120

The Washington Post has reported that Scott Boras, I mean, Manny Ramirez has just rejected the LA Dodgers’ fourth contract offer for 2-year, $45 Million. Boras rejected the contract because of the $25 Million deferred until after the 2-years contract is over and demanded further offers to be barred of deferred payments. Many are expecting a brand new contract to be drafted before the end of day (without the deferred $25 Million of course).

GM Profile: Ned Colletti

We here at ChatterBalks would like to get one thing straight: We think Paul DePodesta is a stupid nerd who uses computers for things (We’ve got your back, Plaschke!). He even has a blog. What a loser! So we were thrilled when the Dodgers canned his ass for having sex with an iMac (Note: May […]

Hindsight is always 20/20: Keith Law of ESPN on Jason Schmidt

Picture: The first and last pitch Jason Schmidt made for the Dodgers After learning that Jason Schmidt’s progress has plateaued and he will be out until at least late May (read: entire season), I decided to find out how much more agony I need to endure. I found this article and needless to say it’s […]