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Gabe Kapler Embarrassed for Life

Hey Gabe Kapler: you should have stayed in Japan. Last night in the Rays 15-5 rout of the Yankees, Gabe Kapler struck out against Nick Swisher, who was the sixth pitcher the Yankees put in the game. Swisher, normally an outfielder/first baseman hasn’t pitched since high school, but he has sucked his entire career. After […]

Barry Zito Has a Twitter That Cost $126 MM

It’s official – Barry Zito is officially the coolest baseball player in the world. Why? Reasons: A) He has a Twitter – he clearly has embraced the technological revolution in less than 140 words.

Gems From the Web: 4/7

Jim Leyland’s “State of the Tigers” address, complete with old man verbiage like ‘grind-it-out.’ [Detroit News] Scott Boras‘ guess-and-check strategy is in full force. Man, that guy is a true genius. [Saber Scouting] The Diamondbacks lock up OF Chris Young for six years. Those five fans in the pool will be excited! [MLB.com] Nick Swisher […]