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Thoughts On Opening Day of 2009

Man, what a day. Opening day, that is. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to wake up late, watch Steve Phillips talk about subject matter he has no knowledge in (baseball), and masturbate to the fact that you are smarter than him, yet not on ESPN. Luckily, my brother Steve left his […]

Unsurprising Opening Day Performances

                        The fictional version of Kerry Wood except Wood never threw that fast or learned how to be accurate Kerry Wood (1.0 Innings Pitched, 1 K, 1 BB, 3 ER) – I got a good hearty laugh when he was drafted in my fantasy leagues and the drafter responded with “You’ll be eating your words […]

Japan, You Floozy!

Listen Japan. I was marking off the days until Opening Day 2008 since, say, the end of Game 4 of the World Series 2007. And then the NFL season ended and I had no real reason to live for the months of February and March (like every year). Then, the story broke about the Red […]

Liveblogging – Opening Day 2008

Baseball and ChatterBalks fans alike, your day has come. Praise the baseball lords, demi-gods, and Milton Bradley for not killing you yet. You’ve waited through months and months of WNBA action, and other sports that we will classify in that generalized “not-as-good-as-baseball” category. Sorry, jai alai. For your viewing pleasure, we present to you a […]

Gems From the Web: 3/24

Man, we can’t believe the Rockies just released Marcus Giles. I mean, he didn’t even get a chance to suck yet! So, apparently the Giants decided Jose Castillo was the answer to their infield problems. Giants GM Sabean has the answers to most problems, unless they’re baseball-related. In other news, the Twins actually re-signed one […]