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Yankees Deny Mike Cameron Exists

Bad news for Mike Cameron: one of the only teams left that has no concept of monetary or player value has denied interest in signing him [NY Post]. And let’s be frank Mike, when a team that sign Jason Giambi for a 7 year $120 million contract is basically telling you that you should retire, […]

Piazza & Karros: Double Play Date!

Today’s Baseball Fodder: Padres Camo Unis Piazza: Man, Eric, it’s been a real whirlwind of a season this year. Karros: I know. I’m almost tuckered out, and it’s only the first week! Piazza: Seriously, but what’s the deal with these Padres camo unis? I mean, do they have to wear them because there’s all those […]

Jake Peavy Almost Done Working On Bike

SAN DIEGO – In the middle of his complete-game victory over the Dodgers Saturday, Padres ace Jake Peavy reported that he was “super close” to being finished working on his bike. “Yeah, this is all bike grease on my hands,” reported Peavy after striking out James Loney. “At first I thought that I should just […]