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Gems From the Web: 4/15

Manny Ramirez pairs his fashionable ‘do with a moustache to boot! [Red Sox Monster] More moustache news: this time it’s Eric Byrnes. The longer the hit streak, the longer the moustache. [Yahoo! Sports] Randy Johnson mullet = career year. [Sports Yenta] If Mike Piazza goes to the Yankees, can Eric Karros come too? Pretty please? […]

Piazza & Karros: Double Play Date!

Today’s Baseball Fodder: Padres Camo Unis Piazza: Man, Eric, it’s been a real whirlwind of a season this year. Karros: I know. I’m almost tuckered out, and it’s only the first week! Piazza: Seriously, but what’s the deal with these Padres camo unis? I mean, do they have to wear them because there’s all those […]

Gems From the Web: 4/2

Brian McNamee is having a yard sale for his Clemens merchandise. Now even you can be the proud owner of your own set of butt needles! Joel Zumaya is keeping up his off-field regiment intact with Guitar Hero. In other news, Todd Jones is still confused with how the television remote works. Man, Marcus Giles […]