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Getting To Know You: Andy LaRoche

Too often, we see baseball players as essentially different from the rest of us. In order to combat that trend, we at ChatterBalks have started Getting To Know You, in which we conduct informal interviews in order to humanize them. This time: Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Andy LaRoche!

Gems From the Web: 4/8

Legendary errorman Bill Buckner presents Red Sox with World Series ‘bling;” Stewart Scott’s verbiage now invading ESPN articles. [ESPN] Legendary Carl Everett stories of yore. Apparently, he hates the media. Does that mean he hates ChatterBalks? (begins sprinting) [Deadspin] Blue Jays trade two strippers and a handjob for A.J. Burnett. [Sports By Brooks] Mets determine […]

Gems From the Web: 3/24

Man, we can’t believe the Rockies just released Marcus Giles. I mean, he didn’t even get a chance to suck yet! So, apparently the Giants decided Jose Castillo was the answer to their infield problems. Giants GM Sabean has the answers to most problems, unless they’re baseball-related. In other news, the Twins actually re-signed one […]